We Innovate



Organisational complexity makes innovation hard, so we designed We Innovate to help. A guided approach to getting stuff done in a creative way, We Innovate provides colleagues with the confidence needed to challenge the norm.

The approach is built around breaking down barriers, providing inspiration and making things. Prototyping is used comprehensively to help showcase ideas and develop a sense of camaraderie and ownership amongst participants.



As a problem we’d experienced ourselves, we hypothesised that the best solution would focus on creating a ‘safe place for new ideas’ away from the day-to-day. Our research focused on how we could create an environment where people feel motivated, have the confidence to participate and are open to trying new things.


Our own experiences had helped us to identify a problem, however we wanted input from experienced individuals to allow us include some other perspectives. These guided interviews led us to determine the key pain points, as well as some potential solutions.

Process Design

Our research and the interview output was complied into a process. With the help of many Post-It notes, the ideas were refined into a simple step-by-step approach that then became the framework for We Innovate.

Explaining the Approach

A service can be abstract, so it was important that we were able to explain it simply. We did this by visualising it, firstly by creating an illustrated story and secondly by creating a Lego model showcasing each of the steps.