Our energy industry was built to keep the lights on, but consumer and environmental needs have become more complex. Powza is the design thinking approach to energy. It considers human needs and behaviours, the way energy works and new innovations to deliver a smart, sustainable and inclusive approach to energy.

Powza is designed around the needs of millennials and Generation K.

What We Did

Identified a problem

Powza was born out of a human-centred design project that looked to determine how utility companies could build relevancy amongst younger audiences. Our research, combined with feedback and insight from young interviewees, highlighted a gap between the services offered by energy suppliers and people’s expectations.

Designed a product

Taking a fresh approach, we set about designing an energy supplier that was built around human needs and not the accepted norm. The output included vision boards, a prototype app and a clear definition of our USP.

Developed a brand That Zags

We want to build a company that promotes sustainability, openness and fairness. The Powza brand needed to reflect these values, whilst also appealing to our target audience. We went through several branding exercises to determine Powza’s identity, the outputs of which were summarised as a set of brand guidelines.

Created a business proposition

At this point, Powza was becoming more than just a project. Progress depended on us turning Powza into a business in its own right. To do this we needed to prove that the idea was both viable and achievable. A financial model and plan was produced with the help of a lot energy industry research. These were then summarised into company and proposition overview documents.

Built a company

There is a surprising amount of admin related to starting an energy company! There is a lot of work still to do, but Powza Ltd has already achieved several key milestones, including Ofgem licences to supply electricity and gas.