Hello Carnoustie



With the 2018 Golf Open coming Carnoustie in Scotland, Hello Carnoustie was devised as a way to showcase the non-golfing aspects of the town to potential visitors.


Prototype Ideas

The initial concept for the site was developed out of an idea-focused workshop. The key to the success of the project was being able to demonstrate the concept to the people in Carnoustie. To do this, some quick paper mockups of the proposed website were created, along with some mood boards featuring colours and logo ideas.

Talk to the town

Prototypes in hand, we took our ideas to the people of Carnoustie, touring local community groups and businesses. This exercise allowed the project to become a collaboration between us and the people of the town. Their ideas about what they wanted from the site and their feedback on the prototypes form the basis for the final design.

Build a brand

Hello Carnoustie needed an identity that reflected the town it represented. The colours were chosen based on feedback from the residents. These were then coupled with a set of logos and fonts designed to give an informal, yet aspirational, feel.

Design & Develop the website

The website was designed and built on the Drupal platform and a core team of locals worked hard to populate the content. The site can be viewed here.