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02 - Our Approach: A Story


Bill's Burgers

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A Challenge

Bill made delicious burgers with fresh ingredients. It wasn’t long before his restaurant, Bill’s Burgers, became a household name. But more burgers meant more waste. This made customers angry, so Bill asked the awesome people at To Eleven to help.

Bev from finance was sceptical. Steve from recipies was worried about ruining the burgers. So To Eleven brought them together and proved to them that they could achieve great things.

Tangible Ideas

They met their customers, experimented with cool technologies and designed sound business models.

They explored the problem, discovering that lettuce travels an average of 2287 km to reach a restaurant and 20% of this was being thrown away. This needed to be fixed!

They came up with crazy ideas, including burgers without lettuce! Then, they were shown how container farming could help. They modelled this and made a really clear video of what they came up with. Bill loved it, but was unsure of how to make it happen.


Real Innovation

To Eleven devised a working prototype to prove the idea would work. They built a container farm near a Bill’s Burger restaurant and experimented until they could grow the required lettuce in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

They worked with customers to understand how to help them love the slightly strange idea of lettuce grown in boxes.

Bill showed the prototype to his shareholders. Being able to see it working meant that they just got it. Not only that, they loved it and decided to roll it out across their restaurants.